Dog Paws Facts [The Ultimate List]

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Did you know that dogs use their paws to measure the distance between two places? Dogs also use their paws to communicate with one another. Dogs can also use their paws to clean themselves and control their body temperature. Here are some amazing facts about a dog’s paws!

1. Dogs use their paws when they’re mating

Dogs will fight in order to prove dominance and gain the privilege of mating, feeding, and so on. When dogs fight, they usually stand on two legs and paw at their opponent in the air. This is usually called ‘boxing’ and it’s used to determine who is dominant between the two dogs.

2. Dogs use their paws for communication

When dogs are happy, they like to greet one another by placing their paws on each other’s shoulders or chest. The height of the dog indicates which dog is more dominant over the other. When greeting an owner after being apart for a long time, a dog will also use their paw to touch the owner’s hand or face. This is all done in order to not only gain dominance over the other dog but also to show affection and love for their owner.

3. Dogs can clean themselves with their paws

Dogs use their paws for many different things. One of those things is to clean themselves. When a dog licks its body, the saliva that was created drips down and goes all over its face. To avoid getting that saliva in their eyes or mouth, dogs will rub their paw across these areas to wipe off the excess liquid.

4. They can also use their paws to control body temperature

Dogs don’t have sweat glands all over their bodies, so overheating is a serious risk when going out in the hot sun. Dogs will often cool themselves off by using their paws to dig a small hole in the dirt or grass and sit inside it. This small hole helps to quickly cool their bodies off.

5. Dogs use their paws for measuring distance

Dogs are color blind, but they can see in the dark much better than humans can. Because of this, dogs don’t rely on sight when determining how far away something is from them. They will curl up their front paws, or extend them out in front of their body to determine how far away something is from them.

6. Dogs use their paws for climbing

When a dog wants to climb a steep hill, it will stretch out one of its two front paws and place it on the side of the hill while using the other three limbs to climb up. This is mainly done so they can get to where they want to go.

7. Dogs use their paws for digging up food

Dogs don’t have hands that are designed to allow them to dig into the dirt very well, but because their front paws are clawed and tough enough, they can be used for this purpose. They will use their front paws to dig up the dirt and expose the prey that they want to eat.

8. Dogs use their paws to indicate if they’re sick

Dogs often rely on body language as a way to communicate with each other. In the same way, dogs will also communicate when they are feeling ill or unstable by curling up their front paw and holding it in the air for a few moments. This is done as a way to show that something is wrong and they’re not feeling well.

9. They can also use their paws to express aggression

All dogs are either dominant or submissive and when a dog wants to display dominance over another one, it will straighten out its front paws and place them firmly on the other dog’s shoulders. This is done in order to make the other dog know who’s boss and also because it’s a very simple way of displaying dominance.

10. They can use their paws to play

Dogs will often play with each other by either chasing each other or trying to bite at each other’s necks and paws. This is what dogs do when they’re playing, similar to how children sometimes play in a wrestling-like manner.

11. They can use their paws to open doors

Most dogs have very nimble paws and they’re able to use them pretty well, not only for communication but also to get around. Dogs can actually use their front paws to push open doors.

12. They can use their paws to turn light switches on and off

When a dog wants to enter or exit a room, it’ll use its front paw to reach out and touch the door handle. If the dog wants something in the room but it’s dark, they will also use their paws to turn the light switch on.

13. They can use their paws to get food out of the refrigerator

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and they’ve been shown to be able to open doors and adjust light switches, so it’s no surprise that they also know how to get things out of the refrigerator. Dogs will often use their front paws to push items on a shelf until they get to the one they want. Once they’re able to get their paws on it, they will take it out and eat or chew on it.

14. Dogs can use their paws for playing with toys

When a dog is playing with its toys, it often bites down and holds them in its front paws while shaking them back and forth. It’s not entirely clear why they do this, but it’s probably because the front paws are just as capable of playing with toys as any other part of the body.

15. Dogs can use their paws for writing

If a dog is ever away from home and wants to let its family know where they are, it’ll often use its paws to write messages. This is because dogs can’t hold pens and pencils, so they will press down on a piece of paper with their paws in order to communicate what they’re trying to say. Just Kidding 🙂

Dogs don’t have hands but they still use their front paws for many purposes. From playing with toys to opening doors, dogs are using their paws all the time What other ways do you know how your dog uses its paw?

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