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All breeds of our furry friends need special attention, proper nutrition, and a lot of love to stay healthy and happy for many years. While dogs are considered to be very hardy creatures, there are times when they need our help. The good news is that by following the below general dog health care tips you can ensure your dog has a long and happy life while minimizing trips to the veterinarian.

General Guidelines For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Provide your dogs with high-quality food. Do not buy the cheapest dog food you can find, but do not go overboard and try to give them filet mignon every day either. The best way is to consult your vet who will recommend to you what type of food would be best for your particular breed and age of the dog.

Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise. Remember to never over-exercise your dog because this can be very bad for its health. Make sure you get a vet recommendation on the right amount of exercise if your dog is older, has trouble walking, or is pregnant.

Give them lots of love and attention. They might not understand every word you say, but they will understand when you’re being kind.

Make sure that your dog is properly groomed – do not forget their nails, teeth, and ears! If the dog’s breed requires a coat during the winter months, make sure it gets one.

Visit your local vet at least once a year for an examination. The best thing to do is bring your dog in periodically for a “wellness” check-up, even if it is not sick.

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