Best Dog Breeds For New Owners Guide

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If you’re a new owner looking for a good breed to get started with then choose one of these breeds

1) Labrador Retriever –

These are the most popular dogs in the USA, UK, and Australia! They are good-natured, patient, and easy to train so they are perfect for first-time dog owners who have very little experience of handling dogs.

2) Golden Retriever –

Similar to Labradors but they’re better suited if you want a medium-sized dog that is more energetic than a Labrador. They are very adaptable, so they will do really well whether you live in the city or the country.

3) Beagle –

They are not as popular as Labradors and Goldens but they’re still great dogs! They are gentle, friendly little dogs with lots of energy that love to explore with their owners.

4) Border Collie –

These dogs were originally bred for herding sheep so they need a lot of space to run around and play fetch. If you have the time to train them properly then this breed could be perfect for you. They are easy-going, intelligent, and loyal which makes them good companions if you like spending time outdoors doing sports like jogging or cycling. Just make sure you have the time to keep them entertained.

5) Boxer –

These are big, strong dogs that need a lot of exercises because they have a very high energy level. They are very intelligent and learn new things quickly but they can be quite stubborn too so they need an owner who is confident enough to handle them properly.

6) Dachshund –

Yes, Dachshunds are not as popular as Labs, Goldens, or Beagles but they make fantastic family pets if you live in the country because they love exploring outside! They’re just as good at staying off the furniture as any other dog breed too which means you won’t find hairs all over your favorite chair!

7) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel –

They are smaller dogs that make good pets for older people who want a quiet, gentle dog. If you have lots of experience with other breeds then it could be a great idea to get this breed because they’re very adaptable and easy to care for.

8) Yorkshire Terriers –

If you don’t want a large dog then a Yorkie is a perfect choice! They love being around their owners all the time but they can also be independent if they need some time alone. They’re very loving and tender dogs that sometimes bark aggressively at strangers but kids will love them too so they’ll fit in well with your family if you have any children.

9) Papillon –

Just like Dachshunds, Papillons aren’t nearly as popular as Labradors and Goldens but they’re still great family pets if you live in the country because they’ll love to explore outside with you! They’re very easy-going and only bark when there’s someone at your door. This makes them ideal for city life too.

10) Bearded Collie –

If you like the looks of a Border Collie then this breed could be a good choice too! They are similar to Border Collies in that they need lots of exercise but they do not have the same stubborn personality so training will be easier for new owners.

11) Bullmastiff –

This is a large dog with lots of energy that is best suited for an owner who can handle large breeds. They are very patient, loyal, gentle dogs but again they are stubborn so training them to walk on a leash properly will be the real test of patience for new owners.

12) Siberian Husky –

If you want a dog with lots of energy then look no further than the Siberian Husky! However, they do need lots of exercise or else they’ll become destructive and hard to handle. They’re intelligent too which means obedience training should be relatively quick but they may not listen to commands if they’re really bored.

13) Pomeranian –

They are often mischievous little dogs that will keep you entertained all day long! If you don’t like the idea of letting your dog run around in the garden then this breed could be perfect for you because they’re very clean dogs that only need their hair brushed once every couple of days!

14) Pug –

These are small-framed, compact dogs with wrinkly faces and curly tails. They make good pets if you spend most of your time indoors because they don’t like to go outside in cold weather. If you work all day and come home tired then this is also a good choice but make sure someone can let the dog out during the day too.

15) Chinese Sharpei –

This is an energetic, lively breed that will be happy to take long walks with you every day! Just remember though that they need lots of space to run around freely because they can be very destructive if they’re not exercised enough.

16) Bulldog –

There are two types of bulldogs, the English, and French Bulldog, that both make good pets for people who like gentle breeds with lots of personalities! They can adapt well to different situations but you may struggle to teach them what “no” means so they could become stubborn if this isn’t corrected early on in their training.

17) Bichon Frise –

These dogs are small but they have bundles of energy which mean keeping up with them is no easy task! They’re very loving and affectionate though so they’ll always want plenty of cuddles from you. They also need lots of grooming to make sure they don’t get matted.

18) Great Dane –

If you’re looking for a very large breed then look no further than this one! They need plenty of open space and long walks every day so if you live in the city or in an apartment then this dog will not suit you. You do need to be strong too because they can be difficult when it comes to training.

19) Bernese Mountain Dog –

These dogs were originally bred in Switzerland and are working dogs that love having a job to do! They’re gentle with children and people but they can become dangerous if they’re not properly socialized when they’re young enough. Like Rottweilers, these dogs need a firm and confident owner that will impress upon them who’s in charge.

20) Dalmatian –

If you like the idea of owning an energetic dog with lots of stamina, then this breed could be for you! They originally came from Croatia and were used to run alongside horse-drawn carriages so they enjoy long walks or runs in wide-open spaces. Some people think their black spots look like patches but don’t worry these dogs are very clean too!

21) Bouvier Des Flandres –

This is a large to giant breed that looks similar to a Collie or German Shepherd. They’re known as intelligent, obedient dogs that can learn new commands easily but they do get bored quickly if they spend all day indoors. They’re also very protective of the people they love so you need to be aware that your new pet may not let people approach you without being invited first!

22) Alaskan Malamute –

This is a large breed of dog that was originally bred to haul heavy loads across snow-covered landscapes. They are not recommended for people who live in small homes or flats with little outdoor space because they can get restless when they don’t have anything to do. They need lots of exercise every day if you want them to be well behaved too.

23) Old English Sheepdog –

This breed is known as “OES” for short and they were originally used by shepherds but now most owners keep them as pets. They’re very gentle with children and family pets too but they do need plenty of grooming to make sure their coats don’t get matted. They also shed a lot so if you have allergies then this probably isn’t the right breed for you!

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