10 Fun Dog Facts [Some You Won’t Believe]

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As any dog owner will tell you, dogs are wonderful pets to have around. They make great friends and are very loyal, too. We all know that they are smart animals, here are some fun facts about dogs you may not know.

1. Dogs can predict when a seizure is about to occur in a patient, as many as 10 minutes before it happens. They can also tell when the patient’s mood or behavior changes, which may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Dogs are faster than Usain Bolt when he broke his 100-meter record at the 2009 World Championships. He ran the race in 9.58 seconds, whereas a greyhound can run it in 5.32 seconds.

3. Dogs are about as smart as a two-year-old human child and like humans, they only gain full mental ability when they mature. Just like babies, this may explain why puppies seem to act so foolishly at times!

4. Most dogs will weigh somewhere between 35 to 80 pounds and be 10 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder when they reach full maturity.

5. Dogs can suffer from a condition that makes them allergic to human hair and dander. As a result, many dogs will only be able to handle living with people who have very little body hair

3. Bulldogs are not bred to be fighting dogs, in fact, they were originally created to be a lap dog breed, also known as ‘the English baby’ during the Victorian Era. They have very characteristic faces because they were bred to have a flattened nose and wide face, to make it easier for them to be lap dogs.

4. Dogs have better night vision than humans. Their eyes have more “rods,” which are cells that respond well in low light conditions, giving dogs very good night vision. In contrast, humans have mostly cones, which are better suited for color vision and provide sharp daytime focus, but not good night vision.

The finer details of these facts may vary depending on the source. The information is correct at the time of writing.

5. Dogs are also able to read emotions fairly well. They use facial expressions and body language rather than sound in order to communicate with one another and other animals like us. It’s what makes them such good companions for humans.

6. Did you know that dogs are better than cats at hunting? Believe it or not, your average dog can catch rats much more efficiently than a cat can. This is because they have evolved side by side with humans and understand what we want them to do – which is why they are so good at tricks!

7. Speaking of tricks, did you know that not all dogs can perform them? In fact, there are around 150 breeds of dog in the world and only a select few have been known to be trained to do anything more than obey their owners’ commands. All dogs are trainable but some are just simply better at it than others!

8. Almost all dogs, even the little ones like Chihuahuas, can swim! It’s also something they instinctively know how to do too. This has changed over time though – before humans taught them about swimming pools and oceans, dogs simply couldn’t get around water easily.

9. Dogs have been our best friends for a very long time indeed. The world’s oldest complete dog fossil is a jaw that dates back around thirty thousand years, which was found in Germany! It shows that dogs were close to humans even then and makes them one of the most successful species on Earth.

10. Lastly, did you know that dogs have been found to dream? Scientists at Emory University in America recently studied sleeping patterns in both dogs and humans by measuring the amount of brain activity that happens when we sleep. They found that just like us, dogs go into a deep sleep after a period of being awake and then have dreams during this stage. So next time your dog is lying at the bottom of the stairs, remember that they were probably dreaming of playing or chasing a ball up!

These are just a few of the interesting facts about dogs that you probably didn’t know before. They make great pets and we love them to bits, but there’s more to their story than most people realize.

There is a lot that we still don’t know about dogs, but it’s exciting to learn more each day! Maybe one day we will be able to communicate with them as well as they do with us!

What do you think of these facts? Did you already know some or all of them? If not, share this article with your friends so that they can learn some interesting things about the dogs in their lives too!

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